Akintayo Emmanuel knows that being an overseer naturally requires a lot of hard work. However, one of the biggest tasks is reaching out to diverse groups of people. In this digital age, having several footages of God’s Remnant Assembly programs is one of the most effective ways of connecting with people. Aside from God’s Remnant Assembly platform, he uses a multitude of methods to connect with people all over the world. In addition, Akintayo takes advantage of YouTube to reach out to people cross-culturally to create awareness by motivating other passionate people who are interested in helping the marginalized communities.

Aside from his digital media strategies, Akintayo also actively partakes the art of blog writing. In fact, he identifies reading and writing as crucial elements for success. A person’s likelihood to make something of himself is based heavily on that person’s ability to read and digest information. It also rests heavily on that person’s ability to convey an important message to others. He uses an online blogging platform. This platform is called Medium.

Akintayo Emmanuel

Akintayo Emmanuel Medium

On Medium, content creators and writers from all over the world create their own profiles. Afterward, these writers and bloggers can choose a topic of their liking and write about it. Topics can range anywhere from religion and spirituality, politics, gender issues, technology, business, finance, to a wide variety of others. On Medium, Akintayo has written a lot about how others can contribute the teachings of the Lord as he does. He stresses the importance of faith, religion, and spirituality.