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Throughout his years of teaching and preaching, Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel has appeared numerous times in the media.

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As a well known global speaker, Akintayo has appeared several times on Lesea Broadcasting (now known as Family Broadcasting Corporations). He has also been invited to interview with Ideamensch and Inspirery. On these digital interviewing platforms, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and various successful individuals get a chance to discuss how they achieved success. More specifically, they talk about the education they received and the effects that academia has on these individuals. In addition, entrepreneurs and business owners often discuss how they came up with their business idea. They go in-depth about what they do on a daily basis to stay productive and maximize efficiency.

For Dr. Tayo Emmanuel, he talks about how the Lord connected with him and his calling. He discusses his ministry and his goal in life: to render assistance where most needed to the forgotten and less privileged and for many to ultimately know the Lord Jesus.


Featured Articles

As a firm volunteer in humanitarian crisis across the world, Akintayo Emmanuel discussed this greatly in his feature articles. In fact, on Prague Post, he discussed his for the African Humanatrian Crisis and what is going on in the world to keep you up to date and how you can help. On the other hand, he also goes in-depth about recovery from life events such as illnesses, depression, or experience of the loss of a loved one on Prague Post. There, he explains how prayer can be a powerful healing tool.
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